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Image Title Text
Abduct Abduct :abduct:
Adora Adora :adora:
Angel Angel O:)
Angel Angel :angel:
Angelhorns Angelhorns :angelhorns:
Angry AF Angry AF :angryaf:
Anxious Anxious 8-[
Applause Applause :clapclap:
argue argue :argue
Aunt Flo Aunt Flo :auntflo:
BackCarry BackCarry :backcarry:
BackCarryBiracial BackCarryBiracial :backcarrybiracial:
Banana Split Banana Split :bananasplit:
Bduh Bduh :bduh:
Belly Rub Belly Rub :bellyrub:
big eek big eek :bigeek:
Birthday Birthday :birthday:
Blob Blob :blob:
Boo hoo! Boo hoo! :-({|=
Bottle Feeding at Keyboard Bottle Feeding at Keyboard :bfak:
Brick wall Brick wall :brickwall:
Broccoli Broccoli :broccoli:
Brokenheart Brokenheart :brokenheart:
Bullwhip Bullwhip :bullwhip:
BWDad BWDad :bwdad:
BWDad BWDad :bwdadback:
Carrot Carrot :carrot:
Cat Cat :cat:
Cheers! Cheers! :cheers:
Chicken Chicken :chicken:
Coffee Coffee :coffee:
Cold Cold :cold:
Confused Confused :?
Cool Cool 8)
Crab Crab :crab:
Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad :cry:
d'oh! d'oh! #-o
Dancing Dancing :yay:
Didisaythat Didisaythat :didisaythat:
Dog Dog :dog:
Doubt Doubt :doubt:
Drool Drool :drool:
Drop Jaw Drop Jaw :dropjaw:
Dunce Dunce :dunce:
Eh? Eh? :-s
Evil Grin Evil Grin :evilgrin:
Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad :evil:
Exclamation Exclamation :!:
Eyebrow Eyebrow :eyebrow:
Fish Fish :fish:
Flowerface Flowerface :flowerface:
Fluffy Fluffy :fluffy:
Fresse Fresse :fresse:
Frog Frog :frog:
Girl Girl :girl:
Goodvibes Goodvibes :goodvibes:
Grouphug Grouphug :grouphug:
Guitar Guitar :guitar:
Head-Scratcher Head-Scratcher :headscratch:
Hello Hello :hello:
Help Help :help:
Hippylove Hippylove :hippylove:
Horse Horse :horse:
Hug Hug :hug:
Hug Friends Hug Friends :hugfriends:
Huh? Huh? :huh:
Idea Idea :idea:
Jack-o-lantern Jack-o-lantern :jol:
Joker Joker :joker:
Juggle Juggle :juggle:
Karma Karma :karma
King King :king:
Kiss Kiss :kiss:
Laughing Laughing :lol:
Liar Liar :^o
Listen Listen :listen:
Lobster Lobster :lobster:
Loser Loser :loser:
Love Love :love
Love Love :love:
Lovestory Lovestory :lovestory:
Mad Mad :-x
Mango Mango :mango:
Meditate Meditate :om:
Megaphone Megaphone :megaphone:
Monkey Monkey :monkey:
Moon Moon :moon:
Mouse Mouse :mouse:
Mr. Green Mr. Green :mrgreen:
NAK NAK :nak:
nerd nerd :-B
Neutral Neutral :|
Nice Nice :nice
nod nod :nod:
nod no nod no :nodno:
Noob Noob :noob:
Not talking Not talking :nottalking:
Obsessed Obsessed :obsessed:
Occasion Occasion :occasion:
Opera Opera :opera:
Paperbag Paperbag :bag:
Pawprint Pawprint :pawprint:
Penguin Penguin :penguin:
Pickle Pickle :pickle:
Pig Pig :pig:
Pin Pin :pin:
Pirate Pirate :pirate:
Poke Poke :poke:
Pray Pray :pray:
PregnantMama PregnantMama :pregmama:
Protest Protest :protest:
Pumping at Keyboard Pumping at Keyboard :pak:
Queen Queen :queen:
Question Question :?:
Rabbit Rabbit :rabbit:
ROFL2 ROFL2 :rofl2:
Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes :roll:
Running Dog Running Dog :runningdog:
Running Late Running Late :late:
Scream Scream :scream:
Seesaw Seesaw :seesaw:
Shake Shake :shake:
Shame on you Shame on you :nono:
Shhh Shhh :-$
Shocked Shocked :shock:
Shrug Shrug :shrug:
Sick Sick :sick
Silenced Silenced :-#
Silly Silly :silly:
Slap Slap :slap:
Sleep Sleep :zzz
SlingBaby SlingBaby :slingbaby:
SlingingTwinsDad SlingingTwinsDad :slingtwinsdad:
SlingTwins SlingTwins :slingtwins:
SlingTwins SlingTwins :slingtwins2:
Smileinbox Smileinbox :smileinbox:
Smurf Smurf :smurf:
Smurfette Smurfette :smurfette:
Speak to the hand Speak to the hand =;
Squiggly Mouth Squiggly Mouth :S
Stirpot Stirpot :stirpot:
Study Study :study:
Surrender! Surrender! :surrender:
Suspect Suspect :suspect:
Think Think :-k
Thumb Thumb :thumb:
Thumbsup Thumbsup :thumbsup:
Toddler Typing Toddler Typing :toddlertype:
Tomato Tomato :tomato:
Turtle Turtle :turtle:
TwinsAndMom TwinsAndMom :twinsbiracial:
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil :twisted:
Wave Wave :wave:
Waving a Scarf Waving a Scarf :wavescarf:
weird look weird look :weird:
Whistle Whistle :-\"
Woohoo Woohoo :woohoo:
wow wow :wow:
WrapMom WrapMom :wrapmom:
WrapMom WrapMom :wrapmom2:
WrapMom WrapMom :wrapmom3:
'puter Punch 'puter Punch :ppunch:
Aaaargh Aaaargh :aaaargh:
Affraid Affraid :affraid:
Barf Barf :barf:
Bedtime Bedtime :bedtime:
Camp Fire Camp Fire :campfire:
Carry On Carry On :carryon:
Chase! Chase! :chase!:
Chat Chat :chat:
Clap Clap :clap:
Coffeee Coffeee :coffeee:
Coffey Bath Coffey Bath :coffeebath:
Diaper Diaper :diaper:
Dinner Dinner :dinner:
Disco Disco :disco:
Dual Vom Dual Vom :dualvom:
Eat Cake Eat Cake :eatcake:
Elmo Elmo :elmo:
Email Email :email:
Feed the baby Feed the baby :feedbaby:
Fireworks 7 Fireworks 7 :fire7:
Giraffe Giraffe :giraffe:
Gold Star Gold Star :goldstar:
Headscratch Headscratch :scratch:
Heart Heart <3
Hearts Hearts <33
Lifeguard Lifeguard :lifeguard:
Love Love :lovehand:
More coffee More coffee :morecoffee:
Ninja Ninja :ninja:
Over React Over React :overreact:
Pacifier Pacifier :paci:
Panda Panda :panda:
Party Party :party:
Partying Partying :partying:
Pink Elephant Pink Elephant :ele:
Please Hammer Please Hammer :pleasehammer:
Point Left Point Left :pointleft:
Poop Poop :poop:
Popcorn Popcorn :pop: :popcorn:
Puke Puke :puke:
Refrigerator Raid Refrigerator Raid :refr:
Shark Shark :shark:
Skiing Skiing :ski:
Sleep Sleep :sleep:
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Treasure Treasure :treasure:
Tropical Tropical :tropical:
Two Kids Two Kids :twokids:
Unicorn Unicorn :unicorn:
Vom Vom :vom:
Wine Wine :wine:
Yeah, That Yeah, That :yeahthat:
Zombie Zombie :zombie: :braaaains:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
Fireworks 1 Fireworks 1 :fire1:
Fireworks 10 Fireworks 10 :fire10:
Fireworks 11 Fireworks 11 :fire11:
Fireworks 2 Fireworks 2 :fire2:
Fireworks 3 Fireworks 3 :fire3:
Fireworks 4 Fireworks 4 :fire4:
Fireworks 5 Fireworks 5 :fire5:
Fireworks 6 Fireworks 6 :fire6:
Fireworks 8 Fireworks 8 :fire8:
Fireworks 9 Fireworks 9 :fire9: