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Potential Therapeutic Benefits of Babywearing

a call to research for the potential benefits of babywearing in various populations

  1. CheeeziActs
    Potential Therapeutic Benefits of Babywearing
    research, nurse, babywearing, special needs, therapeutic

    Babywearing is defined as the act or practice of keeping an infant close to an adult’s torso by using a supporting device that straps to the front of the adult’s body. The practice of babywearing as an adjunct to therapy is likely to be beneficial to children and caregivers. While research on babywearing is limited, the therapeutic benefits of “skin-to-skin care” or “kangaroo care” have been empirically established. Building on this research, this paper attempts to raise awareness about babywearing by elucidating the likely therapeutic benefits for children with disabilities or special needs and areas for future research.

    Keywords: babywearing, skin-to-skin, kangaroo care, attachment, inclusion


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