52 Week Carry of the Week

Includes descriptions, Youtube tutorial link, and images for each week!

  1. lorifredericks
    This is my ABE project - a 52 week long "Carry of the Week" program.


    We started this last year (January 2nd) and have run through it over the course of the past year, and will be restarting at the beginning of the new year as we've got a whole load of new members and new babywearers, or as a refresher to the old timers. Our group has enjoyed it and learning new carries as the year went on, and I find that the week format (rather than a 30 day carry of the day) gives us time to do each carry a couple of times and really learn them.

    Each week includes a description with name, Youtube tutorial link, and brief description of the carry with sizing and if you need anything additional such as a Sling Ring for the finish.

    The ZIP file includes the premade image for each week, the description file (txt file), and the original PSD file if anyone is to need to alter an image for any reason. But feel free to let me know if anything is needed or missing.

    This link will give you all of the individual files:

    Here is the rundown of the list of carries!

    WEEK 1 - Front Wrap Cross Carry
    WEEK 2 - Front Cross Carry
    WEEK 3 - Robins Hip Carry
    WEEK 4 - Poppins Hip Carry
    WEEK 5 - Ruck Sack
    WEEK 6 - Double Hammock
    WEEK 7 - Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry
    WEEK 8 - Short Cross Carry
    WEEK 9 - Simple Hip Carry
    WEEK 10 - Traditional Sling Carry
    WEEK 11 - RRR (Rear Reinforced Ruck)
    WEEK 12 - Secure High Back Carry
    WEEK 13 - Kangaroo Carry
    WEEK 14 - Front Double Hammock
    WEEK 15 - Hip Cross Carry
    WEEK 16 - Coolest Hip Cross Carry
    WEEK 17 - Back Wrap Cross Carry
    WEEK 18 - Jordans Back Carry
    WEEK 19 - Front Torso Carry
    WEEK 20 - No Sew Ring Sling
    WEEK 21 - Shepherds Carry
    WEEK 22 - Back Reinforced Torso Sling
    WEEK 23 - Christinas Ruckless
    WEEK 24 - Ruck Tibetan / Knotless
    WEEK 25 - Back Wrap Cross Carry with Sweetheart Finish
    WEEK 26 - Half Jordans Back Carry
    WEEK 27 - Wendy’s Double Hammock
    WEEK 28 - Double Hammock Tied At Shoulder
    WEEK 29 - Giselle’s Back Carry
    WEEK 30 - Taiwanese Carry
    WEEK 31 - Double Hammock Poppins/One Shoulder Variation
    WEEK 32 - Charlie’s Cross Carry
    WEEK 33 - Short Back Cross Carry
    WEEK 34 - Knotless Double Hammock
    WEEK 35 - Ellevill Jordan Back Carry
    WEEK 36 - Mermaid
    WEEK 37 - Double Hammock Shoulder 2 Shoulder
    WEEK 38 - Traditional Back Carry
    WEEK 39 - Knotless Ruck with Rings
    WEEK 40 - Coolest Hip with Rings
    WEEK 41 - Ring Jordan’s Back Carry
    WEEK 42 - Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder (DSS2S)
    WEEK 43 - Norwegian Wiggle Proof
    WEEK 44 - Symmetrical Half Jordan’s Back Carry
    WEEK 45 - Double Hammock Tibetean
    WEEK 46 - Wiggleproof Ruck Back Carry
    WEEK 47 - Xena BWCC
    WEEK 48 - Lola’s Back Carry
    WEEK 49 - Frankencarry
    WEEK 50 - Back Torso Carry / Kanga
    WEEK 51 - Torso Double Hammock
    WEEK 52 - Strap Carry